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Solar Battery Chargers - Keeping You Charged Up...Anywhere

Solar battery chargers are a hip and innovative way to channel the sun's power. From powering remote internet connections in Buddhist monastary schools to keeping your ipod playing while you sunbath on the beach, they keep you powered up.

Mountain climbers, sailors and hikers can now use waterproof, superlight and flexible solar panels. Solar battery chargers can be as small as a pack of cards and can roll out to the size of a small towel. They also come as small booklike panels that fold out, attaching to rucksacks and camera bags.

These can be used to recharge anything from laptops and PDA's to ipods and cellphones.

solar ipod charger

Outdoor enthusiasts mount these flexible solar panels over their tent, or spread them on the boat deck. Cyclists and hikers attach them on their bike paniers of rucksacks.

Some companies also sell camera bags with solar panels that charge the camera. You can also buy hiking bags with integrated panels that power up AA batteries.

For an idea of what to expect, it takes 8-10 hours of direct sunlight to fully recharge your ipod. This is for a palm-sized solar panel that folds out like a flower. For laptops, you may get 1-2 hours of battery time, each day, depending on the type solar panel used. On cloudy days this time is shorter, as the panel gathers less energy.

One thing to think about though - do you really want to be emailing, talking on the cell or listening to music in the wilderness. Although it's great to stay in touch, maybe get some work done and listen to your favourite tunes, isn't the goal to get away from it all, get a technology detox and some time to yourself?

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