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Fun in the Sun – Solar Power Your Next Vacation

Vacation. Just the word makes you relax a little, doesn’t it?

The chance to “get away from it all” has different meanings for different people. Luckily, today’s ecotourism options have something for everyone, and solar power is helping to make it possible.

Looking to relax on your next trip? Does your ideal vacation include that travel brochure photo of a thatched-roof hut that seems to float above the turquoise water. Nature’s finest setting… a pristine part of the world untouched and unspoiled.

Solar Power Resort

Is it possible to enjoy such a natural view, while still maintaining some of our modern conveniences – like a blender to mix those fruity drinks?

It’s true that some of these tropical spots don’t have electricity, allowing for an authentic secluded getaway. But some remote resorts are able to offer electricity, thanks in part to solar power.

Eden Beach Resort in Bora Bora, Tahiti is a stunning example of ecotourism at its finest.

Along with a progressive recycling program and sea-life conservation program, Eden Beach uses 432 solar panels to run low-consumption lights, water heaters, water pumps, and appliances.

With only 15 bungalows, Eden Beach keeps a low impact on the pristine beach and offers you the added amenity of privacy.

Solar Ecotourism

Tropical destination not what you had in mind?

For the more action-loving vacationer, there are definitely ecotourism options for you. Volunteer vacations offer a wide variety of ways you can give back on your next trip. For a list of great green ideas, visit www.idealist.org.

Also for the adventurer, you may be surprised to know that some cold weather vacation spots also top the list of green vacation spots.

Aspen Snowmass in Aspen, Colorado is leading the way in ecotourism for the ski resort industry. Aspen/Snowmass was the first of only two ski resorts in the country to achieve recognition as a green company.

Solar Panel Mountain Cabin

What makes this ski resort so green? They made the first wind power purchase in the U.S. ski industry from Holy Cross Energy. And they are now developing the 150kW CRMS solar array as a renewable energy source.

For seven years, they have used renewable biodiesel fuel in their snowcats. The Snowmass Golf Clubhouse, which is LEED Silver Level certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, is heated and cooled using the pond on the 18th hole of the golf course. They boast some of the most energy efficient commercial buildings in the state of Colorado.

From adventure, to volunteerism, to relaxing on the beach…. Solar power gives you more than one way to soak up the sun.

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