Get the Right Solar Energy System for Your Home

"How You Can Save Yourself Hours of Research and Get Solar the Smart Way"

I remember well the first car I had. It was an old VW van I bought back in the the day. So when I first had problems with it, I went to find a manual.

There's one thing I really remember about this manual. It was really basic. I mean, it started with "go to the front end of your car. This is the end that looks like this (picture.)" And with this manual I kept the van alive for the next few months while I had a wonderful holiday up and down the West coast.

So what does this have to do with solar panels? Well, I've written a similar manual for people who are interested in getting solar panels for their home. This is not a gee whiz super technical manual that you need a degree in physics just to understand.

Nor is it a do it yourself manual that'll show you how to make your solar panels from scratch.

This is a manual written for somebody that's interested enough in solar energy to want some panels for their home, and is wondering where to get started.

Included in this manual are all the things you need to go over when you're looking for a system:

* How much they usually cost

* Where to look for one

* What to look out for when choosing a panel

* All the different types of panels

* How long they take to pay themselves back in power savings

* How to get good rebates from the state and government to subsidise your solar purchase

Here's a screen shot of one of the pages from the manual: solar manual

As you can see, the idea is to communicate information as clearly and simply as possible. In fact, I spent many hours researching solar energy.

You see, before I had the idea to write this manual, I was investigating it for my own reasons. I will be desiging a house using solar energy in the near future, so I wanted to know as much about how solar energy works as possible.

As you probably have (and might be doing now,) I went online looking for information on how to get solar power for this house.

And that's where I got fustrated. I mean, there's heaps of information out there. But most of it is either too technical and full of jargon, or it's incomplete, or it's just not practical for the homeowner.

So after hours of reading and researching, I finally had the answers I was looking for. Like:

* How to figure out what size system you need for your home

* What it actually means to your power bill to have a 1kW system

* Why in most situations it doesn't make sense to get a solar panel system that will take care of 100% of your power needs

* Why getting a 25 year warranty on your solar system can mean you actually pay a lot less for it up front

and much more...

Now, I'm not saying this is a one stop shop. If you already know a lot about solar energy, this manual probably isn't for you. What this manual is, is a beginner's guide to solar energy. Inside is all the information you need to get started on solar panel shopping.

By the end of reading this manual, you'll be an informed buyer. You'll have a pretty fair idea of what solar energy can do for you, and how to get a good deal on solar panels.

You'll understand the technicalties of different types of systems in practical terms. The idea is to communicate solar energy to someone who wants to get solar panels for their home. (This someone could be you.)

Given that, this is information that's been shaved down to the bare essentials with no fluff. This is the super practical version of solar energy.

Below is a sample of a table from the manual comparing pros and cons of different types of solar energy: solar electric and solar hot water.

solar manual


What you've got here is a chance to save yourself hours of searching and researching on the internet, through books and magazines.

I've also included in the manual links to sites online that I've found really helpful. Sites where you can find:

* Online calculators

* Companies that certify solar panel systems

* Where to get energy efficient appliances (this can really bring your power costs down)

* Where to find registered solar panel installers

I haven't found anywhere yet where all this information is in one place. I wish someone had done this earlier (I would have found this useful) but since I couldn't find a manual like this, I wrote one.

The price for the manual is Free.

Given the time it'll save you, I personally think it's a bargain. Though of course, I'm biased.

So, to get your own copy of the Solar Panel Buyer's Manual, fill out the form below. This will send an email to you with a confirmation link.


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